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Absolutely everything in this universe is made of nothing but pure energy - vibrating energy. Different things are vibrating at different frequencies, and this difference in vibration is what makes things appear and feel different from each other.

You are a being of pure energy!  Your unique vibration is specific to you and makes your body what it is.  Your vibration also makes your spirit who you are; it is your unique intelligence.

Vibrating energy is the master ingredient in the universe.  Invisible energy is all around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays, infrared, thought waves and emotions.  

A Dual Nature...

Physical beings (and even items) have a dual nature consisting of a physical body and an energy field.  Both aspects of our nature are made of pure, intelligent energy, just vibrating at different frequencies and certainly unique to us.  This energy has been researched and proven real by modern science.

Seeing the Energy Field...

The energy fields of people and other living things are, for most people, invisible to the naked eye.  But there is a way they can be visualized, thanks to a man named Semyon Kirlian.  In 1939, Kirlian accidentally discovered and developed an amazing technique, which is now called Kirlian photography.  Ever since its discovery, there have been reams of studies that have been published about Kirlian photography and how it shows the hidden energy field in all living things.

Here we have a Kirlian photograph of a living leaf showing its energy field. The energy field is strong and vibrant, shown clearly by the light coming from the edges. No light at all is used in Kirlian photography;  this is a picture only of the energy that is being emitted by the leaf.

Here in this Kirlian image we can see the plasma energy field around the fingertips of a human being. Healthy, energetic people emit a brighter energy field than unhealthy people.  Healers often show brighter or larger energy fields than other people.

In this Kirlian photograph scientists took a living leaf off of a tree.  They cut it in two and discarded the upper half of the leaf.  They then immediately took the bottom half of the leaf into their laboratory, made a Kirlian photograph, and the resulting image is what we see here.  The shape of the leaf is intact.

This Kirlian photograph of the leaf is analogous to the energy field that is within each of us.  This energy field goes by many different names – the prana, the chi or qi, the life force, the spirit and the energy body.  Call it what you will, but I believe all these names are describing the same thing.

I believe that God created everything spiritually before he created anything physical – sort of like an energetic blueprint for the physical body.  It is like a template that the physical body grows into and fills into.  I also believe that the spirit is what defines who we really are; it is our intelligence.  If you go to a funeral and look at the person lying in the casket, it's obvious that there is something that has changed.  You can feel the absence of the individual even though the body may even appear the same. It's just an empty shell without the life force inside.

The Energy Body...

There are a large number of scientists who have been studying for many decades to try to gain the ability to regenerate human tissue.  Most of them have come to the same conclusion:  that there is an energy field within living things.

Here is an example:  The scientists have done many studies on a small animal called a newt, which has the incredible ability to regenerate its tail if it gets pulled off.  This is a defensive mechanism to allow the newt to escape predators.  Later on when the tail grows back, it looks exactly like it looked before.

How does this happen?  The newt's energy field, I believe, contains a template for the tail to grow into, or the blueprint that the physical form simply fills in.

The Spirit Within...

Our spirit animates our physical body, in the same way that a hand animates a glove. At death, our spirit or energy body moves on, and our body decays because it no longer has its life force.  During life, our spirit and body interface in a profound way that we don’t yet understand completely.  Because of this interface, when the energy body becomes imbalanced, the physical body can be severely affected.  Imbalances in the energy body must be corrected for a person to be able to truly get well.

Messages From Water...  One of my favorite books is Messages From Water by Masaru Emoto, who tested water by flash freezing droplets of water into snowflakes.  

Emoto and his team were measuring water that was taken from different reservoirs, lakes, and streams in Japan. When they flash froze the water, they observed a variety of fascinating snowflake patterns, depending on where the water was taken from. They also found that these snowflake patterns would vary according to what the water was exposed to before freezing.  
If they played certain types of music for the water, they would get different kinds of crystals.  If they played acid rock, or hard rock music for the water, they wouldn't get any kind of crystals forming at all; there would be blob like formations instead. If they played classical music like Bach overnight, they would get beautiful symmetric crystals like the one shown above.
Emoto also taped words to vials of water and left them overnight. The next day he and his team created snowflakes from the droplets of this water, and again found that they would get dramatically different formations depending on which words were taped to the vials of water.

When they taped the word “truth”, in Japanese, to the vials of water, they found that the crystals formed a very symmetrical, beautiful and normal looking snowflake. When they taped the words “You disgust me, I will kill you” to the vial of water, they would get a crystal that would look like this asymmetrical blob pictured.
Love and Gratitude
The most beautiful crystal snowflake of all was obtained when they taped the words Love and Gratitude to a vial of water and then left it overnight. Look at the symmetry and intricacy of this beautiful snowflake.  Love and gratitude are two of the most powerful forces that exist in the universe.


Most people think of the conscious mind as who they really are.  After all, the consciuos mind is the part of you that seems to think, make decisions, listen remember things, etc.  This is the part of you that would be telling the lie about robbing the bank (and thinking you were getting away with it).  The consiuos mind is important, of course, but it is really only about 10% of your intellengence.  The other 90% of your intelligence is subconsious.  Most people give the subconscious little recognition, but it is actually very active.  It's archiving and rembering everything! It records everything you have ever done, every face you've ever seen in a crowd, everything you've ever eaten, tasted, touched or smelled, and the whole history of your health or disease.  I believe the whole history of every cell in your body, down to the atomic level, is actually archived and stashed away in that amazing holographic computer system that is the subconscious mind.

The subconsious mind is the part of you that would provide the truth in the event you committed a crime of some sort.  It woould produce the correct responses when presented with truth and falsehood, measurable by the polygraph.  Because the subconscious mind is like a binary computer, we can ask “yes” or “no” questions and get answers from the body, just like using a polygraph.  We can access all the information in this amazing computer system by simple using muscle testing.  Not only can we get answers to just about every question about the body, I believe there is a sort of list in every single person's mind.  This list contains all the things that need to be done to bring the body back to 100% function, or as close to it as is possible.

Muscle Testing...

We access the subconsious database through muscle testing. Muscle testing helps us to get answers from the subconsciuos mind because the body gives a physical response when we tell the truth or a lie. The muscles of the body are instantly weakened when we lie.  They stay strong when we tell the truth.

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